MFVF – clash of the titans on Sunday

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text: Silviapd
photo: Monica Duffels

Crimfall MFVF XI 20-10-2013 004 door Monica DuffelsThe second day of Metal Female Voices Fest is the clash of the titans, dramatically said. It’s the day of bombastic voices and dazzling high tones. It isn’t a battle, but that doesn’t mean that people are curious about the outcome of the evening: who can surprise the crowd the most?

It is not often happening that a festival is being too fast, meaning forestall on their own time schedule. It’s nice for a change, but what happens when a fan is walking in and discovers that his favourite band entered the stage fifteen minutes earlier.

It is a matter of choices and the MFVF organisation wants to avoid delay in the end of the evening.

Crimfall MFVF XI 20-10-2013 001 door Monica Duffels

Plenty on time for the evening program, after 17 hours and before that it is quite a heavy list of bands; all of them are non-traditional gothic metal bands…

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