LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA: Let History Come Alive In Their Video For ‘Cleansed By Fire’ – Now Online

Metal Shock Finland (World Assault )

Nuclear Blast Records have issued as follows:

“Towed cars, unscrewed mailboxes, a Hessian medieval district in complete darkness for three days and dozens of people shuffling across the towns’ pavements, wearing early modern garments and mumbling”, explains an enthusiastic Alex Schopbach (City of Gelnhausen), just to give you a brief glimpse of the incredible efforts that were needed to produce the video clip for ‘Cleansed By Fire’, the opening track of the LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA debut album »LMO«.


Together with Tine Link, a friend of the band, Alex was the main part of the production team, which, with the help of the fire department, building yard and city administration managed to transport parts of the historic old town back into the year 1599. That was a truly dark year for the Kinzigtal town (set between Vogelsberg and Spessart), which was newly found in 1170 by Emperor Frederick…

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